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At electrician Louwmans you will find the professional for your electrical job! As an all-round electrical company, we can help you with all electrical work.

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Elektrician Louwmans in Den Haag

Electrician Louwmans is an all-round electrical company with a lot of knowledge and practical experience. Our electricians are available 24 hours a day for all possible faults, including weekends and public holidays.

Whether it concerns an extra cooking group, replacing the meter cupboard or solving a fault, we do it quickly and carefully. Moreover, we charge very competitive prices. However, for us this does not come at the expense of the quality of the work. We work with very experienced and professional electricians.

Safety first
24/7 immediate assistance
Skilled and well-trained electricians
20 years of experience

Our daily services 

We are happy to help you with your electrical problems. From solving faults to installing sockets and fuse boxes.

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Fuse box replacement

The fuse box is essential for your home. A distribution box regulates the electricity in the home by channeling sufficient power to the different groups. We replace 1 to 20 distribution boxes per day.
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Induction cooking

Are you going to switch from gas to induction? Or do you need extra power in the kitchen? Then we can connect a separate cooking group for you. We can also make a perilex connection.
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Power outage 24/7

Our 24/7 breakdown service will look for the cause of the short circuit for you and immediately try to provide a suitable solution. This prevents a fire and a new short circuit. Safety is our number 1 priority.
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Electrical renovation

Does your electricity need replacing? Whether it concerns the wiring or the entire distribution box, we help our customers every day to renovate the entire electrical system in their current or new home. Of course, safety comes first.
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3 Phase connection

Do you have several large equipments that require a lot of power, such as a sauna, induction or other equipment? Then it is wise to choose 3 phase. We can take care of this completely for you and advise you about the possibilities.
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Electrical installations

Want to have new electricity installed? Whether it concerns moving a socket, installing a fuse box or an extra cooking group, we will arrange it all. Of course, with tailor-made professional advice.
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EV charger installation

Have you recently purchased an electric car and now you need to install a charging station? This can be a very delicate job that an electrician can do better for you. Electrician Louwmans has extensive experience with electrical engineering and installing charging stations.
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Solar panel installation

We always prepare well before connecting the solar panels. We know exactly which cabling we need and how it can be connected to the solar panels. When mounting the solar panels, they must be connected correctly.
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Plug socket installation

We always prepare well before connecting the solar panels. We know exactly which cabling we need and how it can be connected to the solar panels. When mounting the solar panels, they must be connected correctly.

Other services

You can contact us for all types of electrical work. From construction and renovation to troubleshooting, we are here to help you. Both private and business customers can contact us, so do not hesitate to contact us. You will find the most suitable professional at Louwmans!

Expand fuse box
24/7 service
Install outdoor lighting
Perilex connection
Electrical renovation
Switches and cabling
Electrical problems
Detect a short circuit
Install charging station
Breakdown service
Applying power current

Frequently asked questions about our services.

Is your question not listed? Our employees are available for you day and night.

Call 085-0190035

How do I get in touch with you?

You can contact us by telephone, you will then speak to one of our electricians who will immediately understand your problem. If you call us, we will speak to you immediately, listen to your problem and serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there is an urgent order, we will immediately send an electrician your way. Thanks to our national network of electricians, there is always an electrician in your area who we can send to you. This way we can quickly arrive at your home and help you quickly with your electrical problems. Get our top service in motion, this starts with calling us.

Are you available in the evening and at night?
Yes, it can of course happen that you experience a sudden power outage or short circuit during the night or evening. We understand better than anyone that this can be very annoying and that you want to quickly get on with your daily life. You need electricity for almost everything, to make a cup of coffee in the morning, to watch television, to charge your phone. If you live a day without power, it is a day wasted. That is why we are also available in the evening and at night so that you can call us and call us for urgent orders. Our technicians are available 24/7 and are available to solve your electrical problems. So don’t hesitate and call us immediately. It doesn’t matter what time or what day it is. We are ready for you!
Where are your electricians operating?

Our electricians are active throughout the country. We have a large network of electricians spread across the country. We have local technicians in every city and region. All our electricians are very professional and experienced. They are regularly trained so that they are aware of the latest rules, laws, trends and developments regarding electricity. This way they can provide you with the best service and the highest quality. Wherever you live, there is always an electrician from Louwmans Electrician near you! We always complete the work carried out to your satisfaction. We can also maintain your electricity afterwards. You can count on Louwmans professionals for a fixed price!

Do you also offer new fuse boxes?

You can also come to us for new fuse boxes and distribution boards. A fuse cupboard and distribution box should be replaced once in a while. This is often postponed too long and an obsolete fuse box or distribution box is discovered during a power failure or short circuit. Nowadays, all fuse boxes must be equipped with an earth leakage switch, which is not the case in many old fuse boxes and can be very dangerous. Therefore, have your fuse box or distribution box checked regularly and have it replaced by an expert. You want this to be done properly and to get a new distribution box or fuse cupboard of high quality. At electrician Louwmans, we only work with the best quality distribution boxes and fuse boxes. So you can be sure that you will have good quality and not have to worry about your fuse box or distribution board.

Do you resolve malfunctions immediately?
We always try to solve malfunctions and other problems immediately. This works in more than 90% of cases, so do not hesitate to contact us!
What if I have a malfunction?
Disruptions are common, such as power failures or short circuits. This can happen at any time of the day and can be very annoying. This can become a problem, especially if you work from home and are without power. We understand better than anyone that you want the fault to be resolved immediately. That is why we are immediately available for urgent orders such as breakdowns. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you resolve your problems quickly. This way you can continue your day without stress and continue with what you were doing. Daily life can be resumed immediately thanks to the services of electrician Louwmans.
Where can I find information about the costs?

We do not have price indications on our website. This is because every assignment is different. We only deliver custom work and we only determine on site what the exact costs will be. We can assure you that our rates are very competitive. We will certainly not saddle you with unexpected high costs. We are always very transparent about our prices. You can also call us with questions about your assignment and its costs. We will give you a price indication by telephone.

Why should I choose Electrician Louwmans?
You choose electrician Louwmans because of our years of experience in the profession. We employ the best technicians with years of experience. We believe that electrical training is very important. Our electrical installation technician has a lot of knowledge and experience. They are there for you at all times and the reviews are positive. This is good for us and we are very proud of it. We are an electrician company that is ready for its customers. We are happy to help our customers solve electrical problems quickly and efficiently so that they do not suffer from a possible power outage or short circuit. We provide high quality services and are also competitively priced. We believe that our services should not be expensive, because we do not want people to rummage in the distribution box with little or no knowledge of electricity. This can be dangerous to your life or you can cause a fire. That is why we provide the highest quality services for the best prices. At Louwmans you can be sure that you will receive good, fast and efficient help. Don’t hesitate any longer and call us immediately!
Are there any vacancies open?
We are always looking for personnel with electrician training or other technical training. Whether you are an intermediate electrician or a senior electrician, we would like to get in touch with you. Are you curious about what you will earn? Or what a day at Louwmans looks like? In any case, it is a good salary and you are responsible for the following matters: distribution cabinets, 3 phase, cooking group, breakdowns, electrical repairs and much more! Send us your application/motivation today.
What electrical services do you offer?
We offer many different types of electrical services, you can actually call us for everything regarding electricity. Our experienced technicians have a lot of knowledge about electricity and a lot of practical experience. That is why they can handle all jobs. Ranging from replacing or installing all electricity in your home, to expanding your distribution box to replacing or moving sockets. We also work with various companies for other jobs in the home, for example if you want to have a radiator installed.

A certified electrician does not say everything, we believe that experience in practice is of great importance. It is important that you know exactly how the electrical installations are put together and that you know everything about installation technology.

Expand or replace your meter cupboard or distribution box?

Do you want to expand or replace your meter cupboard or distribution box? A distribution box or meter cupboard often needs to be replaced because it is outdated. However, expansion is much more common. In many older houses there are often only 3 to 4 groups. This number of groups is far too few for the devices and large-scale consumers that we use today. Nowadays, you have to place each major user (think of your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc.) in its own group. Placing too much current on a group can cause a short circuit. Our reliable electricians always ensure that everything works properly. You can leave all problems with electrical installations to us. Even if you have an electrical fault, we can solve this immediately.

If your meter cupboard or distribution box needs to be replaced, immediately think about the number of groups you want, now and in the future. The electrician can then install this number of groups directly in the distribution box and you no longer have to worry about it. Above all, think about your future. For example, do you want to renovate your kitchen soon and start cooking electrically, or do you want to drive an electric car and install a charging point in front of your house? This can all affect the number of groups you need. Solar panels on your roof will also require a separate group, for example. Pass on all your wishes for your future to our technicians and they can give you appropriate advice about your future situation and how your electricity can best connect to it.

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Various electrical works

You can contact electrician Louwmans for many different electrical work. We are professionals in the field of electricity and have more than 20 years of experience. That is why we can make everything regarding electricity. Think of installing electricity, inside and outside, replacing sockets, expanding distribution boxes and the like. We set high standards for our technicians, so the profession of electrician is no small feat. All our professionals have a lot of experience.

Do you want a new infrastructure for the electricity in your office or company? Or do you want to have the electrical installation in your home replaced? From new construction to existing construction, we arrange it all. Your electrical systems are in good hands with us. We work accurately and transparently, we have been doing this for a longer period of time!

We provide almost all electrical services, call us with your order and we will let you know immediately if and when we can be of service to you. We are often available the next day for large orders and for urgent orders we are often immediately available and can come directly to you.

The costs for our electrical work

The costs for hiring an electrician naturally differ greatly from the task you want an electrician to carry out. Replacing all the electricity in your home will cost more than solving a power outage. At electrician Louwmans we believe it is important to offer the most competitive rates. We want it to be affordable to have electrical work done, because then you don’t have to do the electrical work yourself with the chance that it will go wrong.

Our rates are therefore very competitive, we can achieve this partly because our technicians do their work very quickly and efficiently. So they do not spend an unnecessarily long time on their assignment and will quickly help you solve your electrical problems. This way we keep costs low and you as a customer benefit from this! We are very transparent about our costs in advance. If you call us and explain your problem to us, we can give you a price indication. Once our on-site electrician has examined everything, he will present the price to you before he starts work. This way you know exactly where you stand and you will not be faced with high costs unexpectedly.

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1 review

Helped with connecting the perilex induction stove. We were able to arrive the same day. Prices were clear in advance. Good service and craftsmanship.

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1 review

We are very happy with the end result! Our distribution box has been replaced and looks very sleek. Excellent work done, this electrical company is definitely recommended.

elektricien louwmansStuart
141 review

The electricians are friendly and reliable! They are very nice and explained everything exactly what they did with the meter cupboard.

elektricien louwmansHans
1 review

Fortunately, a cable break in our garden was resolved quickly and professionally. This meant we were not partially without power for days. Excellent service.

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